ATTENTION: You're Just 1 Phone Call Away!! WATCH BELOW!
ATTENTION: You're Just 1 Phone Call Away!! WATCH BELOW!
We've Turned Over Every Rock And Reveal The Easy-To-Follow Tips, Tricks & Secrets On How We Used 
Simple Phone Calls To Generate 
In Our Very First Year In Real Estate Investing…
And Now You Have The Rare Opportunity To Get Full Access To Our 

  • How to find the most lucrative “off market” deals!
  •  How to save massive amounts of money on marketing!
  •  How to get access to the right people and phone numbers!
  •  How to overcome the most common objections while making calls!
  •  How to properly track your phone calls (this is critical!)
  •  How to leverage your growth to scale as big as you want!
  • How to find the most lucrative “off market” deals!
  •  How to save massive amounts of money on marketing!
  •  How to get access to the right people and phone numbers!
  •  How to overcome the most common objections while making calls!
  •  How to properly track your phone calls (this is critical!)
  •  How to leverage your growth to scale as big as you want!
We wanted to get to deals fast, before the competition, 
and for the least amount of money spent as possible!!!!
We were tired of spending thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that were not giving us the results we wanted! BIG DEALS, OFF MARKET, UNTOUCHED!!!

We fine-tuned our calling methods and tactics to make them work even better. We studied and mastered the process down to a science!!! We knew this was the way! Why? Let us show you!!!
We made our very first $53,821.94 (profit) check by jumping on the phone, 

making a quick phone call, and we only spent $1 to get the phone number!
When we did this, we had a very predictable method for making money (by phone) that could work over and over and over again! 

We’d locked-in on a method that not only worked amazingly well, but we then made the method as effective and as profitable as it could be. We also made it into an easy-to-follow “system” that anyone with basic skills could understand and implement FAST. 
Larry Higgins - Skip Genie
Eddie Pulliam - Georgia Capital Investments
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"From someone who did not know where to begin getting deals, Nothing but the Cold Calling Machines Method is what I am using, and what I will continue to use. No thought to it, it is simple! I am getting my third deal this week! I love it!" Eric got 2 deals in his first month from the Cold Calling Machines Method!!! 
"The further I went through the Cold Calling Machines course, the more I could see everything coming together. From attaining leads to getting  phone numbers to responding to objections and on to scaling the whole system, the course brought to light how cold calling could be the solution to find deals and grow my business."
"Cold Calling Machines was created by highly qualified professionals who are trained to teach people like me who know nothing about presentation. The course materials are interesting, creative, and extremely well organized. I particularly liked the “action items” because it helped me organize what I need to accomplish before moving on."
"The Cold Calling Machine course is well laid out with actionable steps to help you grow and scale your real estate business. The training was very through and left no stone unturned. Overall, I am confident that this course will benefit both the new and experienced real estate investor. "
Cold Calling Machines Online Master Course
Cold Calling Machines Online Master Course
Here’s a Breakdown of The Sections & Modules 
You’ll Get Access To In The Cold Calling Machines Course…
Section 1:  Welcome & Cold Calling Machines
Here we teach you how to navigate through the course. You will never get lost, or confused. We have it laid out to make everything simple to use for you! Each module has sections inside of it. All of the sections include training videos, downloadable content, tools, scripts, audio recordings, and more! Where it all begins...... Here we introduce the team and start to learn all of the benefits of Cold Calling. Cold Calling is by far the most effective method to getting off market deals for the least amount of money. We are going to be sharing every inch of it with you!
Section 2:  Getting Started & Who To Call
Here we prepare you for success and teach you the SUPER KEYS to Cold Calling. Real Estate Investing is an amazing thing, in fact most millionaires make or create their wealth through Real Estate, and they all started somewhere! Here we tach you how and where to get the best lists to call, exactly how to get them, and how to increase motivation levels. The most important part of Real Estate Investing is FINDING discounted properties OFF MARKET that you can wholesale or rehab for a profit, let’s show you exactly how to do that!
Section 3:  How To Get Phone Numbers & What To Say
Here we teach you exactly how to get phone numbers to call. It would be impossible to start making calls without a phone number to call….. Unless you are a robot….. Then skip this module completely.  Here we teach you what to say, and how to say it. We have live recorded calls and roll play calls to actually listen to us getting deals! It is important for every call to know what you are going to say! It took us thousands of calls to get this down, how we would have loved a laid out process like this when we started, this would have saved us hundreds of hours, and most likely produced us hundreds of thousands of more dollars! Be prepared on every call from the start!
Section 4:  Scripts & Common Objections
Here we give you all of our proven scripts to start using right away! These scripts are an accumulation of sales genius with grandmas love. Having the right script is major key, why mess this part up! Let us give it to you! We have every script you need to make over 6 figures, even if it is your first year in the business!!!  After making thousands of calls, we narrowed it down to the most common objections, and how to overcome every one of them. We will be giving you all of the Objection scripts as well. Once you know these objection handlers, there is no call you won’t be able to take. No one will ever trip you up, gain the confidence to crush every call like a pro!
Section 5:  Voicemails & Text Messaging
Here we teach you all about leaving voicemails that will actually have people calling you back. What numbers to use and what to do to be prepared when people do call you back. As well as all of the upheld voicemail scripts. Not everyone will answer their phone every time, don’t miss out on these people! We teach you how we dominate with text messages, and how you can to. We give you our copy paste text scripts and more. We have bought and sold several properties, even a mini apartment complex all over text messages! What a powerful tool! 
Section 6:  KPI's & Systems To Track
Here we give you everything you need including our tools to track, and know every KPI for your Cold Calling Machine down to a science. And don’t worry if you don’t know what a KPI is, we teach you that too! You are going to know exactly how many calls you need to make to get a deal, down to a science! You are going to know your business like a true expert.  Here we walk you through step by step how to set up your FREE tracking system for leads, calls, and more. We integrate your entire business down to one place. This Module alone is worth more than the entire course itself. People pay thousands of dollars to learn how to set this up, and we are going to walk you through to set it up step by step!! No more notebook paper or index cards!
Section 7:  Follow Up & Systems To Scale
Here we teach you how to never miss a follow up, and set up your systems so you won’t have to remember. Have you ever heard the saying, the fortune is in the follow up? Well, it’s true! We are going to set you up, so you never miss a follow up, and you don’t even need to think!  Here we teach you the systems you need in place to scale and grow!! Ready to ramp it up even more!! Perfect, we are going to teach you the softwares we use to make hundreds of calls a day! The softwares that all the big players are using to have unfair advantages.
Section 8:  Hitting Goals & Master Tips
Here we teach you exactly how to make the income you want this year. How to systematically hit your goals with no more guess work. Maybe I will get a deal this week? Maybe I will get 4 next week? NO!! You are going to know exactly what you need to do to get the number you want, every week! Here we teach you how often you should call people, best times to call people, and the fastest way to improve everything! Knowing the Master Cold Call Tips are going to increase your response rates, and get you to the next level much faster!
Section 9:  Accountability & Training Your Team
Here we teach you how to get the results you want! Knowing what you want, and getting the results you want are major! Keeping yourself on track and your team or callers on track will keep consistent deal flow! Here we teach you how to leverage, train, and hire. You never actually have to make a call yourself, if you don’t want! We suggest making calls yourself when starting out obviously, but eventually, you should be on a beach somewhere with your systems in place running for you!
Section 10:  Final Steps & Bonus Content
Here we teach you how to take relentless action and make all of your goals become a reality. The baby bird leaves the nest. After finishing all of the course modules you will be ready to go! Although sad for us to see you fly, we can’t wait to see your results!!!! How to make offers, craigslist copy paste scripts, seller credibility packets,
“Cold Calling Machines Is a PROVEN SYSTEM That Really Works!”
 But don't just take our word for it... 
The Cold Calling Machines Master Class is our EXCLUSIVE multi-module online course that will give you the exact blueprint and step-by-step directions you need to take to land some of the most amazing real estate deals via cold calling, and on a limited-budget! 

You’re going to get it all...
  • How to find the best off market deals! (How to beat your competition)
  •   How to get the least expensive leads! (How to save money on marketing)
  •   Software's & Systems (How to set up your tracking systems) $1,197 Value 
  •   Call Scripts/ Text Scripts (Expert Level Cold Calling Scripts) $499 Value
  •   Objection Buster Scripts (Handle and overcome ANY objection!) $267 Value
  •   Cold Calling Super Keys (Cold Calling like a Master) $299 Value 
  •   Skip Trace 101 (How to get phone numbers fast!) $297 Value
  •   KPI Calculators (How Cold Calling Pros Track Calls) $99 Value
  •   Scaling Domination (Unlocking How To Grow Fast) $497 Value
  •   Automate & Leverage (How to automate & leverage your calls) $199 Value
  •   Bonus #1 Master Bird Dog Secrets!
  •   Bonus #2 Our Hiring Copy! (Copy, Paste, Scale)
  •   Bonus #3 Credibility Packet Swipe File 
The Total Value of all that is included is $3,453. 
In fact that is almost how much we get paid to just set up the tracking systems alone!!
So how much does all of this cost for you today???!!!
Less than the cost of 1 Direct Mail campaign!!
Less than the cost of 1 bandit sign campaign!!
That's Right!!! Our main goal with the pricing of this expert course is to give you Full Access to the entire program for LESS than the cost of ONE direct mail campaign.
Everyday Price: $1,997
Everyday Price: $1,997
Your Price Today ONLY: $197
Your Price Today ONLY: $197
Your Savings If You Act Today: $1,800
Your Savings If You Act Today: $1,400

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!! We know once you go through this entire program you will be equipped to get off market deals!!! In fact if you would like, shoot us an email and we will give you FREE access to the entire course in exchange for 10% of your next 10 deals, which would give us way more money!!! Most people we offer that option to prefer to just pay the course price because with your first deal alone it is more than covered!!! 
What Are You Waiting For?
YES! I Want To Take Advantage of This Limited Time Offer And 
Get INSTANT ACCESS To The Complete Cold Calling Machines Course Right Now For One Payment Only of $197!

Offer Valid For The Next 10 Hours Only!!!
P.S: It does not matter to us if you sign up right now or not because we are on the phone closing sellers. We were actually considering blocking off access to Cold Calling Machines to people in our markets... but that is a scarcity mindset and we don't want to live like that because we know how many deals the system creates for us and there is plenty to go around for those who want to win in the investment sandbox! 

P.P.S: This is the exact course we use to train OUR OWN TEAM to help us make more money!!! 

P.P.P.S: Without our help you'll ALWAYS be paying more and working harder than you should to get the good investment deals. (I know it sounds kind of harsh, but we know you'll agree that it's true once you're on the inside!)
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